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If your organization is in need of services such as grant writing, fundraising, strategic planning, etc., Khan Consulting LLC is the place you want to go. Khan Consulting LLC can help your vision come to fruition through their innovative and effective strategies. Born out of a need for grant writers, and a need for nonprofits to raise funds to assist their organizations in their fund raising, Khan Consulting LLC is focused on helping your organization to secure funding to accomplish its goals.


With these services, Khan Consulting LLC is able to customize and specialize your organization goals, in order to attract and obtain the funding it needs. Khan Consulting LLC is your one stop shop to assist your organization in acquiring funds. Let us “write for you”.

Grant Writing

We are proud to deliver quality grant writing services for variety of areas….

Sponsorship Letters

Sponsorship letters are written to potential people or organizations who are likely to provide funds for an event or some other activity.


Khan Consulting can develop custom turnkey fundraising packages to meet the goals of your foundation.


We will help you to develop a networking strategy and groups of like-minded business people to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.

Latest Blogs

Gaining Sponsorships

In the nonprofit world, finding sponsors who will support your cause and rally behind you can be a challenge, particularly for those who rely upon sponsors for a portion of annual revenues. And, to compound matters further, once a sponsor is obtained, that person or entity must also be retained. The question for many nonprofits is, where can we find sponsors?

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Grant Writing to Raise Money

It’s no secret that nonprofits these days are generally struggling to find the resources necessary to remain afloat. The economic recession has not only reduced the number and amount of donations nonprofits receive, but also increased the demand for nonprofit services. To generate revenue and ease reliance on donors for sustainability…

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Why Hire a Grant Writer

Writing a grant proposal is a challenging task. It’s very specific and requires thorough research and a strong background in fundraising, as well as grant and fund development. It’s therefore wise for any organization to consult a grant writer when sourcing for funding.

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Khan Consulting LLC is your one stop shop to assist your organization in acquiring funds. Let us “write for you”                        Contact Us