Gaining Sponsorships

In the nonprofit world, finding sponsors who will support your cause and rally behind you can be a challenge, particularly for those who rely upon sponsors for a portion of annual revenues.  And, to compound matters further, once a sponsor is obtained, that person or entity must also be retained.  The question for many nonprofits is, … Read more

The Importance of the Board of Directors in a Nonprofit Organization

The boards of directors in a non-profit organization have an essential responsibility of self-management, in order to create an ideal structure and procedures and policies that promote optimal authority. The capacity of board of directors covers multiple responsibilities. These include routine matters like the preparation of a plan of board meetings to other duties which … Read more

Grant Writing to Raise Money

It’s no secret that nonprofits these days are generally struggling to find the resources necessary to remain afloat.  The economic recession has not only reduced the number and amount of donations nonprofits receive, but also increased the demand for nonprofit services.  To generate revenue and ease reliance on donors for sustainability, grant writing has quickly become a more vital … Read more

Why Hire a Grant Writer?

Writing a grant proposal is a challenging task. It’s very specific and requires thorough research and a strong background in fundraising, as well as grant and fund development. It’s therefore wise for any organization to consult a grant writer when sourcing for funding. What is gained by hiring a professional grant writer? Knowledge & Experience  … Read more