The Importance of the Board of Directors in a Nonprofit Organization

The boards of directors in a non-profit organization have an essential responsibility of self-management, in order to create an ideal structure and procedures and policies that promote optimal authority. The capacity of board of directors covers multiple responsibilities. These include routine matters like the preparation of a plan of board meetings to other duties which span to greater values such as creating policies regarding the terms of service.

Objectives of a non-profit organization regarding board of directors:
The objective of the non-profit organization must be to instruct members of the board regarding the practice of creating fundraising prospects. It should also be to motivate the board members to take part dedicatedly in the charitable fundraising efforts of the organization. Another important aspect of training for the board members is to practice the art of gaining connections to prospective funders and making the non-profit organization reputable and popular.

Participation of the Board of Directors:

  • Fundraising campaigns are very essential for non-profit making organizations. These are the sole money raising opportunity for these organizations other than donations. The board members should be trained to participate in fundraising campaigns and raise funds for the foundation.
  • Board members should also be guided to take part in the funding process by making personal donations to the organization. This will create a personal link to the nonprofit organization and create legitimacy for the position. It is also a requirement for the members on the board of directors to make notable donations to represent the organization.
  • Taking part in socializing can be very helpful. Networking to hunt for possible donors can help the cause of the nonprofit organization. Converting network links to money is an art that should be practiced by the board of directors. Training on this matter is also helpful.
  • Participating in seeking prospective funders is also a part of the duty. Training on how to seek the right funders and to learn how much and what they will fund is good for members of the board.
  • Members should be involved in proposing to funders and making “The Ask”. The non-profit organization should arrange for training of the board members to learn how to put forward “The Ask” and how to close the deal. Each member on the board should be familiar with the strategies of making an ideal “Ask”. They should know how to be confident and composed while putting forward the proposal.

The nonprofit making organization is as strong as its board of directors. So proper steps to ensure their capabilities, regarding fundraising, should be taken. This will benefit the organization in the future to endure any challenges and keep moving forward in order to bring a positive change. Proper training for fundraising, making offers and proposals, connecting and seeking prospective funders etc. should be taken by the board members. All these traits should be practiced by them in the course of duty to prove beneficial for the nonprofit organization.